Rock 'n Blues

Below are this year's performers 

Blues Patrol 


 Retro Rockit Band 

 The Unruly Gentlemen's Club 

 North Shore Blvd 

 Cross Town Traffic 

 Michael Moses Band featuring Trish O'Neill

 Tommy D. Band 

 Melissa Bell 

It is with great sadness that we remember a couple of musicians we lost this year.  

Robert Borland was a mainstay of the Burlington musics scene  After moving to Burlington at the age of 13 he was invited to join the New Better Half, this was during the 1960s.  Since then he has played with numerous local bands including Jane's Rehab.  With the Retro Rockit Band Robert was a fixture a the Rock 'n Blues providing some great licks.  

Joesph (Joe) MacFarland was a self-taught musician playing guitar, banjo and drums.  He never played the Rock 'n Blues, but did play at local venues and he was a regular at our neighbourhood Canada Day jam.

Our relationship with Joe shows the power of music. How else could two groups of people, one in their 60s and the other in their early 20s spontaneously get together and have a great time if not for instruments in their hands? 

To Robert and Joe, thanks for the music and the good times.