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North Shore Blvd, in the guise of their former band, Wizened Old Men, has donated its time to many charitable causes over the years and, in particular, had participated in a number of car shows and beach parties organized by CKOC's Rock "N" Ray Michaels.  After a few years it was time to move on.  This left the band with no charitable activities on its roster.  At this point Kim, the bass player for Wizened Old Men, looked around for a suitable cause to support and decided that the best way to do that was to organize something himself.  The three necessities were: 1) a good cause 2) great music and 3) a venue with the necessary libations.   Boston Manor was approached to be the venue and they were very receptive.  Wizened Old Men then volunteered to be the host band based on the original plan that the event would be a jam.  The decision to hold the event on a Sunday was made so that it wouldn't interfere with the gigs of working musicians.  It was found that there were few solo musicians coming out to jam as most musicians came out as part of a band.  Hence, the format was changed to have bands play at the event and the jam format was dropped.

In the second year a young artist and singer named Morghan sang White Rabbit with Wizened Old Men, and the die was cast. Over the next year Morghan was fully integrated into Wizened Old Men which required the name change to Wizened.  Moving forward Wizened ceased to exist and out of the ashes North Shore Blvd. was formed.


Over the last 9 years the Rock 'n Blues has raised close to $20,000 for children's charities with over $16,000 going to McMaster Children's Hospital - Mac Kids - alone.

Unfortunately, Rock 'n Blues has become a victim of its own success.  When started there was a dearth of live music on Sundays and few charitable events featuring multiple bands.  There are now many venues in Burlington and surrounding area providing live music and, consequently, many musicians are also tied up in these paying gigs.  Consequently, our audiences began to decline and the writing was on the wall.  But, North Shore Blvd will be exploring alternative methods of supporting good causes in the Burlington area. 


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