Rock 'n Blues for Children's Causes


About Because I am a Girl

(From the Because I am a Girl Web Site and Plan Canada)


Right now the world is failing girls.

  •  One billion people live in extreme poverty – 70 per cent are women and girls.

  •  It’s estimated 20 million girls never go to school.

World leaders set targets to support girls and women. The Because I am a Girl Report show that these goals aren’t being met.


Plan Canada's Because I am a Girl Campaign

As one of the world's leading international development agencies, Plan is launching, a nation-wide campaign in Canada to raise awareness of the plight of girls around the world and the unique role they play in the fight against poverty.


Education of Girls

  • Educated girls have a greater voice in family and community affairs as well as in their country's democratic process.

  • Educated girls are more likely to marry and have children at a later age, thereby reducing her risk of developing infection and dying during child birth.

  • Educated mothers are more likely to have fewer and healthier chidren, reducing child mortality rates.

  • Educated women's childern are more likely to be immunized against deadly but preventable childhood diseases, and are more likely to attend school themselves.

  • Educated girls are more likelty to actively particicpate in the work force and increase family incomes.

Educating girls in developing countries is key to eliminating global poverty.


Plan's goal is to engage one million girls to raise money for projects such as:

  • Clean water and food security.

  • Health care and education.

  • Livelihood initiatives, like microfinance.

Investing in girls is key to eliminating poverty and creating a better world.

It’s that simple!     

Where the Rock 'n Blues Jam fits in

  • All proceeds from the Rock 'n Blues Jam will go to educating girls where the need is most critial
  • Your support is both critical and appreciated. 

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